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Sharing coins between users

Users should have the ability to send coins to others. The most simple way it would be for an user to generate a random one time use code (like coupons) for chosen amount of coins. Or it could be a link, a discord command with the bot !give 9009 <username>.

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Thanks for your suggestion! This has been brought up many times and it is indeed an awesome idea. We would have done it long ago if it wouldn't come with some major problems. If we let users move their coins to other accounts, it will be much easier for fraudulent accounts to succeed in withdrawing their coins. They could send coins from one account to multiple other accounts, and from there to other accounts again. Combatting that would be a very difficult, if not (for us) impossible, task. That's why we don't plan to add this anytime soon.

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There would be a lot of cheaters, like alternate accounts doing the daily activities multiple times and transferring all the coins into a single account.

!give900 azdalha

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i get it, maybe it could be manual, someone has to approve the transfer?

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