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Tickets Deleted Automatically

I've raised tickets about my withdrawal getting deleted automatically but even those tickets are automatically deleted. I have no idea what's going on. Need assistance.

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My withdrawal was also deleted, I do not even know what to do.

This happened to me. Its because of using multiple acc, vpn or proxy, survey chargebacks and ...

In my opinion points shouldn't add if account is frozen, it gives you false impression your account is in good standing while they benefit off of your electricity bill. 

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You can see your ticket at resolved and closed tag.

My account also got forzen and the reason is given too many survey chargebacks and the funny part is this I havent even done any survey so far, just having welcome coins and a single task done.  I only got income from my referrals which are also very less, around 8, and only 1 is doing actively and he is dong good and making good money, but idleempire has frozen my account with a false reason.  Ticket is raised but no use, they are still standing on same thing and now ticket is closed by them.  it is a bad support and bad teamwork.  I am putting this site in my scam site list as it is not user friendly and not very supportive towards users.

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 Also so far I have never done any withdrawal.  This is the first time I tried for withdrawal and I came to know that my account is frozen.  I was wasting my time and money on promoting this site.

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I reuqested account to be deleted months ago and they keep asking questions as to why and never delete it.

this is scammer site when u get alot of money he frozen ur money 

they know ur account take ur thing and delete ur tiket

i will delete my account .

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