You can earn points through different earning methods. In this article, we'll give a quick overview of all the earning methods that Idle-Empire offers.


Surveys are probably the most popular and easy way for most of our users to earn money on Idle-Empire. We've partnered with different survey providers which you can use to answer paid surveys from companies all around the globe. Make sure you answer the questions honstely and consistenly, otherwise you won't be paid. It's always good to pay attention and read the questions carefully. You'll be surprised how much you can make with our paid surveys!


Offers are certain tasks that you can complete. This is another fast way to earn a large amount of points.

Offer examples:

  • Play mobile, browser or desktop games
  • Watch videos
  • Download and try software
  • Register on websites
  • And much more!


Watch unlimited videos and get paid for every 3 advertisements that show up between videos.


Join one of our CS:GO idle servers and you can passively earn points while you do other things. This is a good option for a minimal effort, you can stay on the servers while you sleep or go to work/school.


Use your computer's power to mine cryptocurrency. We reward you for the work that your computer does! You don't have to do anything besides installing our mining software and starting it.


We have a referral system and you get your own referral link. You can share it with your friends or followers/subscribers and earn points when they use our service.

What's really great about this is that you will earn a commission on all offers, sever points, and mining points that your referrals will ever earn. That way you can build a group of users who actively earn points for you while you don't need to do anything.


Complete tasks which help Idle-Empire to grow, for example joining our Steam group, wearing our name tag or creating a YouTube video about us.