Yes, you can! Cases, stickers and skins can drop on all of our servers. You don't need to do anything, you can minimize CS:GO and do other things - you will still be able to get item drops.

General Explanation

Every player on a VAC secured online server has a chance of getting a free skin drop at the end of the map (when the match is over, the scoreboard is displayed and the server is about to change the map).

The skin name and the player that received the skin drop are shown at the right side of the scoreboard. The drops one particular Steam account can receive are limited per week, after hitting the limit you won't be able to get any further drops until the cooldown resets.

Further Analysis

This information is purely based on the community's experience. None of this has been officially confirmed by Valve.

Requirements in order to get drops

  • You can only get skin drops on VAC secured servers
  • The server must be an online server and there must be at least one other player
  • Drops can only be received at the end of a game

This prevents you from getting drops

  • Drops can't be received when playing offline
  • Drops can't be received on an empty server
  • Drops can't be received as a spectator

Things that don't affect drops

  • The amount of people on a server doesn't affect drops (at least two players)
  • Loosing or winning doesn't affect drops
  • The score (kills and deaths) doesn't affect drops
  • Actions (teamkills, bomb plants and defuses) don't affect drops
  • Steam Levels don't affect drops
  • Bots don't affect drops
  • Server settings don't affect drops
  • The game mode (competitive, casual, ...) doesn't affect drops

Useful to know

  • You often get drops on a rankup of your private rank
  • You can receive more than one drop at once
  • Drops can be received on any map
  • It's possible to get a drop when you join on the last round
  • Knives, StatTraks and Keys don't drop but Reds do
  • Drop limits are per account and not per IP; multiaccounts possible
  • Operation Passes increase the amount of possible drops
  • Operation Passes have seperate drops