Yes, you can use other mining software. The miner must support XMR (Monero) mining.

Please note that this article is for advanced users. If you already have previous experience with other miners, that will be very helpful.


In order to use a different miner, the first thing you need is another miner. Makes sense, right?

Here are some popular XMR miners:

Mining Data

This is the mining data that you can use for any XMR miner.

monero / monero_v8
Pool URL
Rig Identifier/Password

Note: You can find your User ID here. {WorkerID} can be any arbitrary number between 1 and 9999, just make sure you don't use the same worker ID when mining with multiple computers at the same time. If your Idle-Empire User ID is 1234, your rig identifier/password could be 1234_1 or 1234_2.

Note: There are other ports that you can use for the pool URL, just in case 5555 doesn't work for you. Ports:

  • 3333 - Low-end CPU
  • 5555 - Fast/Multi CPU
  • 7777 - GPU rigs
  • 9000 - SSL/TLS

Example Tutorial

This is an example tutorial with XMR-Stak on Windows. The general method (using our mining data) will also work on other operating systems and with different miners.

  1. Download the latest version on XMR-Stak and unzip the folder
  2. Find xmr-stak.exe and run it
  3. If you want a HTTP interface then type 0 here
  4. The currency to mine is monero or monero_v8
  5. Our pool URL is
  6. Our XMR address or username is 4Ar6MjjCFUHj3HCgdQSTgLhmmzKfHZ2mZautPrqJ9z6J9s72KaMMtX9QgESPBJN8vF3tTvmoKAEeFSXLD1qHunAqHg2pAi5
  7. The rig identifier or password is your Idle-Empire ID that you can find here, then add an underscore and then a worker ID, so for example 1234_1
  8. You can leave the rest empty

Now if you want you can go into the config files to make the miner more efficient. You can read more on this here.


1) If you try and run the xmr-stak.exe you might get a error looking like this.

Just google the missing file name and download the file from Microsofts own website for safety.

2) Windows Defender or other anti-virus tools might remove the miner or prevent it from running. So you might have to whitelist the folder of the miner.

In Windows Defender, it's pretty easy to do. Go to Virus & threat protection and then click on Virus & threat protection settings. [Screenshot]

Then scroll down to Add or remove exclusions. [Screenshot]

Now you just add the folder you have the miner in and Windows Defender should let you extract and run it inside of that folder.