We do daily giveaways on our Twitter page. Usually we are giving away a nice CS:GO skin.

You need a Twitter account in order to participate in our Twitter giveaways.

How to participate

You just need to follow the instructions of the corresponding Twitter post. This usually involves:

  1. Clicking on a link. You can just click on the link and that's it.
  2. Retweeting and following us. To retweet the tweet, just press on the "share" symbol at the bottom of the tweet. To follow us, just click on our profile and then on "Follow".
  3. Tagging a friend. Simply click on the "speech bubble" icon at the bottom of the tweet and tag a friend with @UserNameOfYourFriend.

A Twitter giveaway post may look like this:

Choosing the winner

  • The winner is randomly selected

  • The winner is publicly announced on our Twitter profile

  • The winner is contacted through a direct message on Twitter, so he can provide his Steam Trade URL

Note: If you win and are not online, don't worry. You will still get your item.