Paid surveys are probably the best method to earn money on Idle-Empire for a lot of our users. It can be a big benefit to do things right when answering surveys, so that you can optimize your earnings. In this article, we'll be looking at some tips and tricks that can help you.

1. Monitor your results

This may sound like a job that is not like other official jobs, but it can still contribute to your overall income in a significant enough way. So, it makes sense to be professional about it. Keep track of the amount of surveys you have done, monitor the payout, and try to regulate your withdrawals. In the end, you would have a proper working system in place. If Excel is your thing, you might want to put all these down into a spreadsheet, so you can make meaningful analysis on your earnings.

2. Be smart, but honest with qualifying questions

On the topic of qualification questions, it is best to always be honest. You won’t be helping the companies using the data, nor yourself if you are giving dishonest answers. The survey site could check your answers against each other in the future and you’ll have to keep up with the information that you’ve been submitting, so it’s always easiest to give genuine answers. That said, if you can tell that a survey is looking for certain information, try to give yourself the best chance of qualifying as possible. Don’t say that you hate or would never use certain products. Try to keep your answers as broad as possible. Try to identify questions that could disqualify you, then see if there is a way to get around them without being dishonest.

3. Take surveys that pay the most money

As you start experimenting with different survey providers and tracking your results, you will start to see which providers pay more for your time than others. This won’t be the same for everyone. If there are providers where you find yourself getting through surveys faster, getting approved more, or getting higher payouts, use those providers to take surveys. This seems obvious, but if you aren’t tracking it, then you may not be making the most efficient use of your time.

4. Don't give up, it gets better

The vast majority of people will read these paid survey tips and tricks, try a few providers, take a few surveys, then decide that it is not worth their time. With this approach, they are probably right. To actually make legit money taking surveys, you need to stick with it for a while, dedicate time and try to optimize your hourly rate. Don’t be discouraged if you have a day where you don’t earn as much as you’d like. Try to learn from it and keep working through it. After a few months and hundreds of surveys, if you find that you aren’t making as much as you’d like, then you have enough information to call it quits. Before that, stick with it.

5. Find time to take paid surveys

While setting aside dedicated time is the best method to make money, you can also look for breaks in your day where you can fill out a quick 5 or 10 minute survey to earn a few bucks. You can do surveys them when you are waiting in lines, sitting in a waiting room for an appointment, laying on the couch or at other times when you find a few minutes. This can certainly add up.

6. Try to enjoy it

Nobody is going to become a millionaire strictly by taking surveys to make money. It can be a good way to supplement your side income without a ton of work, so treat it like what it is. Find surveys that you enjoy taking, make a few or a few hundred dollars per month and enjoy yourself in the process. This is a great side gig to add to your arsenal that can bolster your income and savings.