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Get suggestions back.

Just get the fucking suggestions back. Xd

I assume you mean the suggestions channel on Discord? The system had different issues, mainly organization and having an overview of popular suggestions. A chat really isn't that good to keep track of suggestions because it lacks sorting and filtering capabilities. I know it was more convenient, but this forum allows staff and users to discuss and manage suggestions much better.

There will be less people looking here if they just could look in the server. There will be like no votes(maybe some votes by these active guys like Epic, Pretzel, Furrygan and a few more). The system was if one of these suggestions is good it goes to the vote channel but it never does.

fuck idle empire and fuck u

Saya kemarin menarik koin saya .. Tapi saya tidak dapat menemukannya di alamat manapun .. Apakah penarikan saya tidak ada diagnosis yang salah

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