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Why not start a BETTING mini games like, Bet points for more points or can just make another currency simply naming as "CHIPS", certain amount of chips can be purchased by Idle Empire points and just like Idle Empire points have certain value on BitSkins bal can give the "CHIPS"  the Value for withdrawing it on BitSkin or maybe even for purchasing a private boosters or coupons. 

Games like:



and many other, Roulette seems a great start and great for experiment purpose.

There are many games out there seems fun and people love playing it as its easy to make points/money (whatever we call it), it will also benefit the site in a huge manor.

More giveaways more boosts more growth.

Just a thought. it would be really fun and helpful for every user. Thank You Idle-Empire.

And have it so that this is disabled in certain countries, so as to avoid legal issues.

(idk any examples, sorry)

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Gambling has been brought up many times and internally we have given it a lot of thought too. We decided to not offer gambling on our platform because it carries legal issues; and I believe it might even have a negative effect on an earning site because people lose all their coins and just quit. Sorry, we won't add anything gambling related.

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Wait, minors use it so it's illegal.

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