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Forcing people to read #rules

Way too often, there are people who join with mischievous purposes: scamming, advertising, spamming, etc. When warned, they suggest that they were not aware of the rules, or sometimes simply make new accounts and rejoin.

What I and some other discord members believe could help is simply adding a little clock of maybe 5 or 10 minutes where new discord members must read through the rules (which could also receive a translated version for foreigners). This should de-incentivize alt accounts and help people who joined not necessarily for the community but mostly for the !daily points and #trading.

Hopefully, this small @Change will result in a server of better quality, where users feel safer, and staff is less busy helping people who could have easily solved their problems if only they read the rules...

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Yeah I agree fully with this and I think this @Change#2985 should be added to make the server more "educated" about the rules and will help with and for for the users and community

Maybe have Notitiae send a question after a minute, of three choices, with the choice to pick at the end of the message*. If the message is responded to too quickly or too slowly, or with the wrong answer after three attempts, the recipient would be kicked, or (after repeat attempts) temporarily banned.

Note that Notitiae should react because, if it's an Idle-Empire emoji, people who don't have Nitro would, in simple terms, have quite some trouble geting in.

*see photo below for example question, but with Notitiae reacting.

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