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Some suggestions to overall boost Idle-Empire

Idk how IE can do it but they should try to get more people either dealing with support or the website- that would speed up everything

Resulting in more people suggesting the website and being preferred over competitors

Well there's a lot to being preferred over competitors

  • 1st of all, most sites have a higher payout for the same offers
  • 2nd of all, quicker support and withdrawals, all the way to replies under 4 hours and withdrawals under 30 minutes
  • 3rd of all, the constant introduction of new things over time
              - even though IE does this, it is more withdrawal and offerwall based

                which only has a minor effect such as the addition of "OfferDaddy" which

                I hadn't noticed until recently. I am definitely not saying that it was a

                mistake to add them, but the addition of them is usually overwhelmed

                with how much more used and preferred AdScend or AdGate are.  

              - And I know IE has a suggestion area (I'm typing in it right now hehe),

                but competitors have more frequent checks on their suggestions and are

                willing to add more or change more- because of more staff members

                checking AND more people working on the site itself. 

I'm not saying I use those sites more or anything but I really believe these things might boost Idle-Empires popularity and preferability over other sites if thought about and possibly applied. I'm happy with the additions to the discord server and the things brought to it but something is still missing. The community. There's only me and like 3-4 other people who hang out there a lot. The only other activity is the constant use of !daily in #talk which is just annoying because no one reads what the bot says and just continues spamming or writing it in different ways. 

What I believe might be the reason for this is:

  • The rewards that the server provides. It sounds weird but most of the people that joined only joined for the points you can get and the giveaways you can enter. They don't join to talk or anything close to that. There is no good solution for this and all possible things will have a side effect. If you remove !daily, people will complain or just not use the server AT ALL. You could make a number of messages or time spent in the server or some sort of requirement that will endorse more activity in the chat but this might encourage spam. 
  • There's NO REASON to chat. When people were awarded 1 point every minute for chatting, people actually talked. Spam wouldn't go through because of that 1 minute system. Not sure where I saw it but I remember Change saying people abused it. It really wasn't. Encouraging more activity can motivate people to earn more and people can also tell each other e.g. how good an offer was and therefore people will also want to do it. In the current situation, no one even looks at chat (except for people typing !daily and the few that do chat there). 
I really hope you read all this because I spent time on writing this and I really believe it will make this site better. Please don't just throw this away as "Not Taken" or "Deferred".

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful and will change something :)

I definitely am not saying that the website is bad or that noone will use it etc. I'm just marking possible fixes, additions, improvements etc. to bring you guys to the lead.

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Hi there, thanks for your effort to write this all up!

I read it carefully and I'll go over the points you brought up.

1. Payout Rates

I know that some websites have better payout rates for the same offers. That'll probably always be the case as there is constant competition over payout rates. We will try to improve our payout rates step by step as we increase our profitability per user by bringing curated offers to users, based on country of residence.

2. Quicker Support & Withdrawals

As you mentioned, this comes down to the amount of staff we have. Unfortunately, our current profits don't allow us to hire more staff.

There's something else to add here, I'm not sure whether you noticed it. Most of our competitors have much higher minimum withdrawal amounts, usually starting at $0.50 or $1.00, some even higher. We offer $0.10 withdrawals and this results in much more withdrawals. If we would increase our minimum withdrawal amount to $1.00, we would reduce the amount of withdrawals we get by 80%. That would lead to faster withdrawal processing since the staff has to do less work. But we believe this is a bad trade-off, since many new users would never even try to reach $1.00 in points because they don't know if our website works properly. We are able to convert many new users into long-time users simply by providing lower minimum withdrawals.

That said, we already have a whitelist for users that are able to instantly withdraw high amounts of points. I'm pretty sure you're on the whitelist, so your withdrawals should be processed instantly.

We'll also be looking to automate the whitelist by adding a kind of trust factor, so if you have been on hold a few times and your withdrawals got accepted, you will be able to instantly withdraw higher amounts in the future.

3. Constant introduction of new things over time

There's a few things to explain here. First of all, we believe that there are 3 main pillars that define the popularity of an earning website such as ours;

  1. The variety and quality of the methods to earn
  2. The variety and quality of the methods to withdraw
  3. The payout rates

At the end of the day, the amount of users you will attract strongly depends on those 3 factors. So we're constantly trying to improve those factors - that's our main goal. Other features are nice to have, but they are small additions.

And as a platform matures, you'll see less changes. That's just natural - when we were new, we had much more updates on a daily basis. But our platform has matured a lot over the past year, and so there will be less major updates.

4. Discord & the Community

You've got a point there of course, the Discord server could see more activity from more users. From what I see you would like to see rewards coming back for writing messages on Discord? That's something that could be considered, maybe with some adjustments.

5. Conclusion

You've brought up a lot of valid points. You said you wouldn't like to see this just marked as "Not Taken" or "Deferred". The thing is that we are well aware of most things you brought up and some things are currently not possible to change, with other things we disagree.

  1. Payout Rates - We will improve this over time
  2. Quicker support and withdrawals - Currently not possible for us to improve, automation will help with faster withdrawal processing times in the future though
  3. Constant introduction of new things over time - We disagree with your view that features besides earning methods and withdrawal methods should have a priority
  4. Discord & the Community - We'll be looking to give incentivized activity another try

I hope you are not too sad about this response, but that's how things currently are and how we see the issues your brought up.

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to be honest, this was exactly what I wanted to hear, I'm just glad you guys are planning on improving the site and everything in general and thanks for writing a long reply :)

"Unfortunately, our current profits don't allow us to hire more staff."

You can go for volunteers that, instead of rewarding points, receive XP on Discord for their help,

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