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Staff role names

Hi, could staff get a role called "Staff" please? I have no idea from Captain, Sergeant, Corporal, Soldier etc. who is and who isn't staff. I messed Vortexiel#6289 to report DM advertising thinking he was staff, apparently he gets many DMs a day, so I am not alone in this confusion. Thanks

Ah, I've just seen there is a staff role, but there are none online at the moment. So my suggestion would be to have more staff, or at least, more visible staff.

Maybe, to make it army-themed, the role could be named "Superiors" or something along those lines.

Well I think the current role name of "Staff" is absolutely fine, I just couldn't see any online at the time so didn't think it existed.

A lot of staff tend to stay hidden so they are always lurking around.

They are online, you just can't tell :)

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