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Make more Team Fortress 2 servers, but instead idle servers, it´s coop (like mann vs machine)

 Greetings everyone

So since I used to idle at team fortress 2 servers to get points and withdraw for skins, so I have a small sugestion.

Since whole tf2 servers are basically filled with idlers who dont "appreciate" the game, only cares the game for points here is what I sugest. Creating some coop servers like mann vs machine since its my favourite gamemode so people can play coop with friends and earn points. But in the end of all waves you get some extra bonus points

For example, in the end of normal dificult (after all 6 waves for example), you get like 50 points for example

In the end of intermedia dificult, you get like 100 points for example

In the end of advanced dificult, you get like 200 points for example.

If people don´t know what is mann vs machine, here is a example of a small vid to show people what is it:

This is basically some small sugestion, since most people at tf2 idle servers only cares for points instead caring the game.

Tnx for reading and have a nice day

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