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600,000 Offer Reward shouldn't count towards the leaderboard

There's a offer that grants 600,000 points for depositing 10$ in a casino website.. I don't think the offer should count for the leaderboard. It's pretty much pay to win. The people on top of the leaderboards payed 10 dollars, spent it, and got to the top instantly. I've spent the last week grinding all the survey offers. I have done 2 100k offers and have racked up 433,755 points so far. These points have been hard earned by doing surveys. In fact, i'm doing a survey right now as I'm writing this lol. The people who did the Eurogrand offer have only earned max 10k points from other things, so the Eurogrand offer is literally the only thing they've done to gain the points. Currently while I'm writing this, I'm at 4th place with 433,755 points earned... I was 2nd place in the leaderboard before the Eurogrand offer guys did the offer and got their rank on the leaderboard. My point is that being in the top of the leaderboard should be hard earned.. Hence why the leaderboard says : "Hard work pays off. Can you make it to the top?" Getting to the top should make you feel accomplished for what you've done. I was feeling accomplished when I was 2nd place a few days ago in the leaderboards, not anymore though. Feels like all that time I dished out in the last week days was wasted. Do you think those guys who did the Eurogrand offer to gain top of leaderboard were proud and accomplished? I don't think so, they're probably like, meh, 10$ was worth it to pay to win. I don't think I'll catch up to 600,000 points to get to the leaderboard spot but whatever.. Just wanted to share my thoughts, nothing negative, just some of my thoughts lol.

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that's actually a nice idea. putting a limit, for example, more than 100k in one task won't go towards the leaderboard. and in this way, people will have to grind their way for the leaderboard. not simple pay 2 win

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