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Add withdrawal to BitSkins (CRYPTO)

Hello, Idle-Empire members! Recently i've noticed something interesting: BitSkins brought Crypto deposits back! You can now deposit to BitSkins using Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. I remember that Idle-Empire had a bypass withdrawal method using crypto after BitSkins had removed vouchers. So can it be implemented again? This is an essential question, i think most members want BitSkins withdrawals back since it's the most popular and basically the best marketplace out there. I really want this feature to be implemented.

Thank you.


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Already there

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 This topic is useless since IE already has a withdrawal method for BitSkins. But you can only withdraw fixed amount of points. What i actually meant is method that would allow to withdraw almost any amount. The problem is that in order to get a BTC adress in BS, you have to complete KYC procedure, which needs your personal info (including passport). So now i think this topic has no use whatsoever, thus should be removed.

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