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So I gathered up a total of 260000 points on and converted them across to my idle-empire account. I then redeemed a reward expecting to get it in the next 24hrs like they said, but then they tell me that my account was frozen. I didn’t know why that would be, maybe it was because AFTER I had redeemed my reward I accidentally used a VPN for less that 1 min while trying to access my browser (mobile btw). You would expect the support staff to be understanding but they just said that my account was frozen forever. I thought that idle-empire was amazing and a great way to get some free rewards, still think it is, but the support staff behind the website are stupid.

Support staff are actually listening to my requests now and showing more interest in my predicament.

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Nice hopefully you got the points!

(23 days later)

How can I be a member of idle - Empire group
Same just happened to me they are claiming multiple accounts which is absolutely not true. I've never had another account, I always am logged in through Google and either on my home wifi with xfinity or on mobile data if I am out and about. Funny it wasn't until I went to withdraw did it get frozen. Spent months of my time here and I get my time stolen from this place. I won't be quiet, I will be making sure people know the truth and not waste their time. I feel so cheated it makes me sick.

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My account has been flagged for "VPN usage" which I have never used... This is honestly very disappointing :(

  • Oh God I just spent the last 21 days trying to get to level 20 on a game I downloaded from here. I hope my reward won't be postponed (or account frozen) when it's time to withdraw or else I'm filing complaints. I didn't realize until after the 10th day that it's extremely time consuming to make it to level 20. You literally have to WORK around the clock for nickels and dimes. 

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