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Earn by watching some ones paid content

 ---->U give money to idle-Empire for views or clicks or something special like subs on yt the more points u give the more views u get and faster

---->other people will watch ur stuff do do clicks(like clicking yt subs button or scrolling on a site etc)

---->Say the base amount per view is 100.U give 150 per views for better and faster views.25 points will be given to the user and 25 goes back to Idle-Empire.The remaining 100 can be formulized by Idle Empire by themselves

---->this is different from hideout tv.Idle-Empire will have a different site that will do it.

---->Idle-Empire can get profit from this (i just dont feel gud getting atleast a free cent every day)

---->An option of automation should be there.If used,the amount of earned points will be reduced as the person is not porsnally watching it (like earning while sleeping by auto surfing)

Thank to every body

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Oki what is the function of tickets

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