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Sponsor Complaints

I would like to propose a possible porthole for users to report sponsors not honoring their offers.  Too many times I and many users experience experience sponsors not awarding credit due to inaccuracy, poor algorithms and delayed resolution that the offer will close before any action is taken.  There are times the sponsor does not know the reason, but will list possible reason they can not confirm.  This portal would be more for Idle Empire's data and determine if a sponsor should be dropped due to dishonor. Most of us understand these are 3rd party sites that go to 3rd party and there are many layers.  It's discouraging to the users to continue on the Idle Empire platform when sponsors are not honoring offers due to their systematic failures.  I'm going to attach a screenshot of one by lootably doing their offers.  I must have spent 52hrs playing Raid Shadow only to be told no resolution for 30 days. I showed them the evidence, but this kind of delay is a big problem.  So there is no point to continue an offer that lootably can't guarantee.  Again, it is indeed out of Idle Empires control and Idle Empire can't resolve this, but if a sponsor continues to conduct themself like this; Idle Empire should really explore the option to drop them.  Ultimately,  Idle Empire endorses they are trusted partners.    

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