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Veterans Role in discord

How about you introduce a veteran role. It would also fit the army theme of the roles. The way it would work is that staff would give it manually to someone that's been here long enough and knows the way things go in the discord. They could also make life easier for staff if they can delete messages because there are so many self promoters and spammers- maybe even a place to report them so staff can warn/ban. There are people in the server who've sent more than 18k messages and have been there for months and to be honest feel sad that they can't do anything about the spammers etc.. All they can do is @staff.

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I like this


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I'm definetely with that. All the !daily, Self-Promoters, Spammers with the *disabled @everyone*. I know deleting messages is something risky but I just hope that people with that rank won't abuse it (and I don't think they will.) Hope Simon will have the right decision here :)

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Just to make it clear, this isn't like the Mentor role that previously existed. It's more like a reward i guess, for loyal discord users or people that have been there for a while.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I really like the "Veteran" role idea to show some appreciation to long-term Discord members. We'll be looking to add that soon.

About the ability for veterans to help with moderation by deleting chat messages... for now I can't think of an easy way to make this secure enough from not being abused. I'll think about it a little more to try coming up with a solution but for now this won't be possible due to too much risk of abuse.

Maybe have two variants, one with delete perms (which is given by default?) and one without it.

If someone appears suspicious, they can be given the non-delete version, which may be removed if or when they regain their trust.

The "Veteran" role has been added with a special color, a dedicated channel, and a special !gift command that can be used once per day. Other perks might be added in the future but veterans won't be able to delete messages for now.

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