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Withdrawal posponed

 My withdraw has been positioned for 6 days please help me about the issue

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  My withdraw has been positioned for 2 days please help me about the issue

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I've had THREE of my last four withdrawals get post-poned, even one that was basically pocket change. Someone fix this please.

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How can I withdrawal money

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Me too... My withdrawal got postponed

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My rewards have been postponed. Even after doing purchases. FTC just may enjoy the complaint.

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it has been a month and still not recieved

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My withdrawals from yesterday have been postponed too. What is the reason for this? In the beginning i never had problems with withdrawal. Since a week the withdrawals are staying 1/2 days on pending and get accepted after a long time, and now its even worst because it is getting postponed. And the we are talking about some little pocket money. I dont understand why everything has to be so difficult.

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