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Balance freeze removal

If the user break the terms of the service and his balance became freeze , he can remove balance freeze through abandoning the balance or part of it, and his account will return to work without being banned from the professor from the points he collects in the future .

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My balance is frozen :/

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Uh I'm so sorry , the same happened to me so that's why I created this suggestion
Same q :-(
Same just happened to me they are claiming multiple accounts which is absolutely not true. I've never had another account, I always am logged in through Google and either on my home wifi with xfinity or on mobile data if I am out and about. Funny it wasn't until I went to withdraw did it get frozen. Spent months of my time here and I get my time stolen from this place. I won't be quiet, I will be making sure people know the truth and not waste their time. I feel so cheated it makes me sick.

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