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A fix for the !dailies in discord chats

To help the people who say daily in chat and don't understand where to go (believe me there are a lot- they just spam it and if it doesn't work they spam #bot !daily and give up after some time) create a role called @bot or something like @commands and give the people with that role the ability to only read and type in #bot chat. Make Notitiae give this role immediately to the person that tries a command in a chat that’s not #bot . Remove the role from them after 30 seconds. This will make them land in the #bot chat and they will try it there which will lead them further. Remove this role from them after a very short period like 15-30 seconds. Kinda like the mute system but shorter and for them to understand where the command stuff go and so they get sent to that chat instead of spamming #talk- will prevent spam as well. You could also possibly make the bot send a direct message to them as well explaining why and what.

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and make the messages in multiple languages, so they can understand more easily.

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