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easy way to get points

 hey everyone welcome to idle empire So everyone want to get some fast money or fast and easy skin in the game that u play Like CS:GO h1z1 rust or other games anyway this is the best place for you cuz u need to do like 1 youtube video for 5K points and post a forum for 2K points and a blog for 1OK points and do daily stuff for more points that will be like 17K points easy right and to get more use the miner go here and go to earn and click on miner download it it won't take time and keep it going for like 12 hours or something u will get to like 25K points or something so anyway good luck out there bro cya and have a great day everyone and thanks for reading :D again ;p


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Wow thanks bro

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is a blog post accept blog with long time no updated post ?

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