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this is scammer site when u get alot of money he frozen ur money

this is scammer site when u get alot of money he frozen ur money 

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no dude i just got the worst game ever from 500 points it working

how is it a scam if u do put some effort into this you will essentially get free money and they ask nothing in return because we both make money from the surveys and videos to the crypto mining both us and idle empire make some money it cant be a scam because we are losing nothing and gaining something even if they freese your money when it gets high then send it to your bank account and earn more money again


I'm new to this site and I've absolutely no idea how it works. How do you get paid and whats the deal with points?
I made $30 a day doing this , I can confirm it’s not a scam
Definitely a scam. Made an account and did a bunch of surveys. Tried to get a $5 gift card and they froze my account and claimed that I violated their rules. Don’t bother with this junk website. Bait and switch.

The same thing happened to me. They tell you that you have done some surveys with high charge back rating. How are we supposed to know if the survey is high risk... I have been nothing but truthful and honest on these surveys just to get punted.. What a crock. I will be finding another avenue for this. If you are going to continue I suggest you take your money out every day and not rack up a huge balance. They will make up some excuse not to give it to you.

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